BT Mesh Midland Luxury Pack

November 17, 2022 update:

We are proud to announce that we are shortlisted at the prestigious PENTAWARDS 2022 international competition for the Electronic goods category with the BT BESH project




BT Mesh is the premium price intercom produced byMidland, a leading brand in the radio communication sector.

For the launch on the Chinese market, where the competition is very strong and established, we have designed a luxury pack that highlights the quality and advanced technology of the product.

The main feature of this pack is the drawer structure, designed to transform the packaging into a display: when open it illustrates both the product and the characteristics, shown on the Plexiglas support of the intercom.

(At the same time as the development of the pack, Midland asked us to design a system of permanent displays for the point of sale that allowed us to enhance the dual nature of this luxury pack.)

The cables and accessories are placed in small compartments hidden from view, so as not to affect the minimalism of the image.

The package is lined with micro-engraved paper with carbon texture, decorated with a UV print.

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