Design of display elements for a Multibrand store

Ho. Mobile is the low cost virtual telephone operator of Vodafone: the stores Ho Mobile are multi-brand spaces where competition between operators is hard.
For a mobile operator, the management of presence in multi-brand stores encounters two difficulties:

  • vertical spaces occupied by an overabundance of information from competitors;
  • the request to keep the information material updated with the latest offers.

Ho. Mobile has entrusted us with the study of design for display elements suitable for these spaces.

As a first step, we examined the stores to evaluate their respective retail designs and identify usable areas. The structures are extremely different, but each featured large free-standing windows, uncluttered ceilings and floors.

For the shop window we have designed and engineered an element, easily applicable to the glass and equipped with a tablet that shows the promotions in progress, remotely updated in real time.

For the ceilings we have chosen rotairs: simple, but perfect for attracting attention in an area not manned by competitors.

In the entrances, on the other hand, we have created doormats, carpets, removable stickers and the digital totem: a multimedia tool that transmits information contents that can be managed via the Digital Signage system.

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