Midland display system

Midland is the leading brand in the radio communication sector.

For the Chinese market launch of their new BT Mesh motorcycle intercoms, we have designed a permanent display system for the point of sale. In the briefing it was required to highlight the advanced technology and style of the product, together with the recognizability of the brand.

We opted for displays characterized by the use of techno materials such as expanded metal and transparent plastics together with the strong emotion generated by the red lights (identifying the line).

Oblique lines for a strong dynamism of the whole and luminous graphic panels for product information. Two formats – a tall one for customer information with demo monitor and headphones and a low one to display the precious BT MESH packaging.

The first exhibitor is an island to be placed in large electronics stores. The front panel is minimal, shows the main features, while the insights are shown by the video played by an oled monitor. Two pairs of headphones with microphone also allow you to test the quality of the sound generated by BT MESH.

The second display is a module designed to allow viewing of the precious packaging of the BT Mesh which, displayed open, illustrates both the product and its characteristics.

Design, POP