At the end of 2021, the Fenice Pool team adapted the image of Sunions, an innovative variety of onion, to the tastes of the national market.

Sunions ® is a variety of onion born and distributed in the North American market. Its brand is therefore based on typical tastes and trends of the United States.



The main plus of Sunions is that, unlike other onions, it does not make you cry during the cutting operations.

The challenge was to visually communicate this plus without using an iconography linked to tears (the typically negative meaning threatened to drive away inattentive potential customers).

We therefore opted to focus on the opposite reaction to crying: laughter.

Starting from the Smiley, the universal symbol of happiness, we gave life to Sunny, a mascot who, with his cheerful expression, underlines the playoff: “Goodbye tears!”


Consumers have often shown little attention in the search for bulb vegetables (which, with the due exceptions, are considered not very diversified).

To attract the interest of consumers, we used blue (Tiffany) as the primary color of the pack.

The goal was to break away from the typical color palettes of the department to draw the consumer’s attention to the product.

The four icons on the front briefly list the advantages of Sunions.


For the website we played with the mascot, making it the protagonist of the home, making it introduce the characteristics of the product in an informal way.



In addition we have developed a “Recipes” section and a “FAQ” where you can find out more about some of the frequently asked questions.




Customer service management is often difficult for new brands, for this reason we have configured a chatbot FAQ, to speed up the management of requests and make it simple and intuitive for potential customers to understand the product.


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